Archived: Hudud: PAS-Umno discussion needed

Mustapha Pas UmnoKUALA LUMPUR: There needs to be discussion between PAS and Umno on the Kelantan government’s move to implement hudud, the Islamic penal code, in the state so that understanding and consensus can be reached on the matter.

Kelantan Umno Liaison Committee chairman, Mustapa Mohamed said only when a consensus had been achieved between the two parties on the implementation of hudud, could the issue be discussed with non-Muslim groups so that they understood how the Islamic law would be applied.

“As Muslims, we support hudud. But we will definitely look at the question of justice. That’s why there is a need for PAS-Umno discussions and after that, discusssions between Muslims and non-Muslims on the issue.

“The hudud issue requires understanding because if there are people who don’t understand its form of implementation, it will be difficult to implement.”

Mustapa, who is International Trade and Industry Minister, said this after a special briefing for officers and staff of the Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama), here, today.

He hoped the views on hudud implementation would come from only those with the credibility and expertise on the matter, so that confusion would not arise as its implementation would involve various quarters.

“This is a question of law, so let those with the knowledge and authority to handle this. We are not rejecting hudud,” he said.

Recently, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak stressed that the federal government had never rejected hudud as the divine law, but several priorities and constraints must be addressed before this law could be implemented without affecting its objective.

Mustapa, however, described the hudud issue as an old, hot issue which became cold, then hot, then back cold, but became hot again as its proposed implementation did not become part of the opposition pact’s election manifesto in the 13th General Election, thus creating confusion among the partners themselves.

On football, Mustapa who is also Jeli member of parliament, hoped the Kelantan football management (KAFA) could find a formula or do something drastic to arrest the dip in performance of the Red Warriors.

– Bernama