Anwar says, ‘Brothers, I have already won!’

anwar ibrahim

PUTRAJAYA: Rallying the troops outside the courthouse, a confident-looking Anwar Ibrahim said that after listening to the arguments put forth by lead prosecution Shafee Abdullah, he was sure he would be walking out a free man soon.

“If you heard the arguments of my lawyers; if you heard the arguments of the UMNO lawyer – brothers, I have already won!”

Earlier when speaking outside the courthouse, the opposition leader said he was impressed with the panel of judges, who hardly interrupted the hearings.

Even so, Anwar’s criticisms of Shafee Abdullah were less than flattering, with him saying the lead prosecutor’s submissions ran off course.

“In Shafee’s submissions, he didn’t answer the main question raised by my lawyers.

“When asked where the other DNA came from, he kept saying, ‘Maybe Dr. Osman, Dr. Osman is a big possibility’.”

Anwar added, “This is a criminal hearing, not a political speech. Why not question Dr. Osman if you suspect him? Why not test his DNA?

“This is defamation against Dr. Osman. But that is their (Umno) culture, to defame others.”

While reiterating his confidence in his legal team’s arguments, he however described Shafee’s submissions as “totally irrelevant” and the case Shafee put forth, a “charade”.

He also said his legal team would reiterate and reinforce their arguments at the rebuttal scheduled for Thursday.

When approached for his insight into the case, lead prosecutor Shafee Abdullah had a different story, reiterating the points he brought up in regard to DNA being found in Saiful’s rectal area, as well as criticising Anwar’s decision to give a statement from the dock instead of being questioned.

Shafee also defended his decision to link the DNA aspect of Sodomy II with that from a court case in Australia, saying it was relevant because of similarities in climate.

Shafee was referring to a court case in Australia where an accurate DNA reading was successfully obtained from a towel buried for 13 years.

Shafee also tore into Dr Osman’s credibility, saying that the DNA found on Saiful’s outer rectal area was likely to be that of Dr. Osman as he could have been careless while examining the victim.

Accusing the doctor’s report of not being up to standard, Shafee said that the presence of DNA other than Male Y’s as found in Saiful’s rectum was most likely due to the possibility of Dr Osman’s proctoscope not being properly sterilised.

“It’s very likely he did not even wear gloves during the examination,” Shafee said, before he left the courthouse.

In answering a question as to when a verdict would be delivered, Shafee said, “We can only guess. I don’t think it’ll be on Friday – it could be before, or on Monday. Maybe even after a week.”