Archived: Orang Asli student beaten up by three male teachers

Siti Nur Azdilia3

KUALA LUMPUR: An Orang Asli student was tied up and beaten by three male teachers after she was accused of stealing from one of them on June 15.

The matter came to light today following a Facebook posting on the Centre for Orang Asli Concerns’s (COAC) page.

The Standard 4 student, Siti Nur Azdilia, from Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Betis was tied up then beaten by three teachers identified as Cikgu Saki, Cikgu Arif and Cikgu Salib on June 15.

The victim’s aunt said that “her face and arms were bruised, while her thigh was kicked by the teachers”.

Following the assault, Siti was taken to a government hospital where the doctor who treated her took photographs of the injuries she sustained and said that a report would be prepared after a police complaint was lodged.

The girl’s grandmother, Andak, was initially reluctant to lodge a police report since they live quite a distance away from the main village.

However after she lodged a police report on June 27, a friend of one of the teachers, Cikgu Ali, paid her a visit with his family in an attempt to intimidate Andak.

The person indicated that he had connections with the police and Andak would have a tough time getting justice for Siti since he claimed to have evidence of her alleged misbehaviour.

Andak was also met by the headmaster and several teachers who pressured her to retract her report.

The grandmother was fortunate enough to have the community’s support, many of whom felt that “teachers who gang up among themselves to hit helpless children should not be allowed to teach in schools”.

“No matter what the reason they may say they have for doing so. And schools should not protect such teachers.”

A local lawyer Siti Zainah had pledged to ensure that Siti’s case be taken up by the public prosecutor.

Besides that, the assault was also reported verbally to Suhakam (Malaysian Human Rights Commission) by the JOAS (The Indigenous Peoples Network of Malaysia) leaders.