Pen drive content linked to Morais death, says brother


KUALA LUMPUR: US-based businessman Charles Suresh Morais, the younger brother of murdered DPP Anthony Kevin Morais, has alleged that authorities at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital were complicit with his younger brother Richard in having the body of the deceased removed from the mortuary when he wanted a second post-mortem. “They (Richard and hospital) were fully aware that I wanted a second post-mortem conducted.”

He believes that this was mala fide on their part “to prevent this second post-mortem taking place. I believe that Richard was instigated by certain parties to claim and dispose Kevin’s body before a second post-mortem could be performed.”

Charles, in drawing up a statutory declaration dated Wednesday 25 November on the need for a second post-mortem, claims that “Kevin knew something was going to happen to him. He flew to London on 3 August 2015 and drew up a Will leaving his apartment in London to a dear friend.”

Why leave the apartment to a friend when it had always been his intention to retire to London and live in that apartment? asked Charles. “I have a pen drive sent to me by Kevin by courier before he died. It’s in safe custody in the US. The contents will be released should anything happen to me.”

“The contents of the pen drive reveal the investigations that Kevin had been tasked with before his death. They implicate certain personalities.”

Delving into the details on the need for a second post-mortem, Charles disclosed that his lawyer had been in touch with the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine in Melbourne, Australia and received confirmation that a Professor Stephen Cordner was prepared to fly to Kuala Lumpur to perform a second post-mortem on Kevin’s remains. “However, I received information in the evening, November 23, that Richard had claimed Kevin’s body at 11.30 am that very same day and removed it from the Hospital KL mortuary,” said Charles in the statutory declaration.

He added that his lawyer had prepared an Originating Summons and an Affidavit-in–Support which were filed in Court on November 23 to get the Court’s permission to perform a second post-mortem. “I was informed that the Attorney- General’s Chambers would not object.”

The “probable” cause of Kevin’s death has been indicated in the post-mortem report, according to Charles, as “asphyxiation (suffocation).