Dr Dzul doubts AG will go after Najib

Dzulkefly-Ahmad_najib_600PETALING JAYA: Parti Amanah Negara Strategy Director Dzulkefly Ahmad has expressed doubt that the Attorney-General would initiate legal action against Prime Minister Najib Razak even if warranted by findings in the MACC’s investigations into SRC International and the RM2.6 billion that went into Najib’s personal bank accounts.

He was commenting on last Thursday’s statement by an MACC official that the anti-graft agency had submitted reports on its investigations to the Attorney-General.

“Anxiety is, however, running high throughout the nation as the AG had given a verdict of No Further Action on 1MDB on the investigation papers submitted by Bank Negara on August 21, 2015,” Dzulkefly said today in a press release.

“The evidence of wrongdoing at 1MDB must have been so clear-cut that Bank Negara must have been under the expectation that the AG would press for charges, but the AG did not.”

He said it was “only fair” for him to anticipate a “dismal outcome” from the MACC’s submission to the Attorney-General, “given the disturbing backdrop of opaqueness in the handling of the 1MDB fiasco.”

Dzulkefly noted that Malaysian had already been “dubbed globally as a nation of ‘crimes without criminals.'”
He said “many distinguished legal minds” had pointed out that the definition of “graft or gratification” under Section 50 of the MACC Act includes accepting donations. “The section states that any form of gratification is presumed to have been corruptly received.”

He said Najib had made the situation worse for himself and Umno when he decided to describe the RM2.6 billion as a “donation.”
“The MACC has reported earlier that the source was not from 1MDB and that the donor is from the Middle East,” Dzulkefly noted.

“It does not really matter who and how many donors there were and why they donated.

“Najib has repeatedly said that he did not use the money for personal gain. It is now an open secret that the money was used to fund the Umno-BN election machinery nationally in the 13th General Election.

“Najib has been on record as saying that it is wrong and illegal to accept donations meant for the party to one’s account. But he has no option but to concede that the huge donation was transferred to his personal accounts.”