Temples, not traders, should get funding

Malaysian-Indian-Association-(MIA)-president-G-KrishnanKUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Indian Association (MIA) president G Krishnan has vetoed the suggestion by a prominent Malaysian Indian businessman to reduce government grants for Hindu temples.

“It is not the way. Temples should be given more funds. They should reduce instead grants for associations and NGOs,” Krishnan told FMT.

Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MAICCI) president Kenneth Eswaran called for the reduction in funds to temples at a function in Johor Bahru on Monday, according to a report by Tamil Nesan.

Kenneth was reported to have said that funds given to these temples, including those from state governments, could be better used to help Indian traders and entrepreneurs.

Krishnan, however, argued that it was better to help the community through the temples instead of just the traders.

Traders, he explained, should source their own funds rather than relying on grants from the government.

“Traders get their own benefits. The Hindu temples’ benefits go to the whole community.”

Krishnan, however, said he was all for more funds to be allocated to all temples and not just Hindu temples as well as ‘suraus’, instead of monies being channelled to NGOs who were not doing anything for the community they represented.

“The money goes to the NGOs’ pockets. I can tell you that.”