New marriage with power to kick out a partner


SHAH ALAM: The “marriage vows” taken by Pakatan Harapan component parties today was to prevent the failure that affected the previous marriage, an Amanah leader said today.

Amanah secretary Suhaizan Kaiat, referring to the formal agreement signed today by his party and partners PKR and DAP, said the agreement empowered two parties to boot out a component party that breached the agreement.

“We have learnt from past mistakes. In Pakatan Rakyat , component parties had no power to sack those who violated a common policy,” he said at the Pakatan Harapan conference here this morning.

Pakatan Rakyat, which comprised DAP, PAS and PKR, was declared defunct last year following a falling out between DAP and PAS over the planned imposition of hudud criminal penalties in PAS-run Kelantan.

PKR’s Chang Lih Kang said the “marriage” demanded that each partner obey the rules and not act arbitrarily.

“In the past, there were those who thought he was still single even though he was married. They attacked friends as if they were attacking their enemies. In marriage there are rules,” the PKR Youth secretary said.