Idris Jusoh’s pledge: No student to go hungry

Idris jusoh11

BESUT: Higher Education Minister Idris Jusoh has pledged to take personal responsibility for public university students who had to go without food because of their financial difficulties.

At the same time he issued a directive to the university administrative offices, including the deputy vice-chancellors of student affairs to identify the students involved and report the matter immediately to him and the Higher Education Ministry.

“My personal commitment is to ensure that no students will ever go hungry in future.

“The Higher Education Ministry too has issued a directive requesting students who have nothing to eat to report to the Ministry and the University’s authority and God willing we will take care of their needs,” he said.

Idris, who is also MP for Besut, said he had taken note of the university students’ issue which was due to the high cost of living and which had gone viral on Facebook.

However he said the issue should not be exaggerated by the mass media. He said the ministry and the universities had always been concerned over students’ welfare and had taken various initiatives to assist the students involved.

He also reiterated that there were various sources of financing to help the students among them the National Higher Education Fund, student cards, zakat, charitable funds and endowments.

“Part-time job opportunities are also available on campus paying between RM3 to RM10 per hour. I hope, people will not manipulate this issue,” he said.