Naughty postings: Pro-BN group calls for special team



KOTA KINABALU: A coalition of pro-Barisan Nasional groups has called for action against naughty online postings and satirical images parodying politicians.

After lodging a police report today, the group called for action by the police, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and the Attorney-General.

A special team to take action against the spread of images which they deemed to be insulting to the country’s leaders.

Bernama quoted the coalition’s president Zulkarnain Mahdar, as saying: “When this matter is left unchecked, it will lead to provocation, when in fact we do not know the origin of the provocation. Therefore, cooperation is necessary for this matter to be resolved.”

On Friday, the police said its cyber squad has been ordered to monitor, detect and take action against those who abuse social websites. The order came a day after a report was lodged about a satirical online image of the Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Zulkarnain said this was not the first time the social media was used to insult the country’s leaders, and feared it would have a negative impact on future generations, Bernama reported.