Tourists in KL carry on as usual

KUALA LUMPUR: Last week’s terrorist attack in Jakarta have not stopped the public and foreign tourists from frequenting popular areas in the capital such as the Petronas Twin Towers, Suria KLCC and Pavilion shopping centre.

Those met by Bernama did not express any fear for their own safety, but they were confident of Malaysia’s ability in curbing terrorist activities.

A tourist from Indonesia, Yan Sugianto, 40, said the Jakarta attacks happened a day before he flew to Malaysia for a holiday.

“I had planned to holiday in Kuala Lumpur for three days and have no fear because I’m confident with the level of security in the country.

“In fact, Malaysia is already well known as a safe destination to visit and I have never heard of any violent incidents involving foreign tourists here,” he said.

However, Yan Sugianto, who is a pilot, said at the same time he would take precaution by avoiding going to places that could trigger violence such as entertainment centres.

A tourist from Bangladesh who gave his name as Moulik, 20, who had come with his family, said he was taking a cautious view of every tourist location that he visits after the incident.

“We were already in Malaysia when the bomb attacks took place… so we just have to be cautious and take precaution at all time. We just avoid being near persons wearing something that hide their faces or with suspicious luggage or bag,” he said.

A tourist from Brazil, Miguel Sousa, 40, said the Jakarta attack was “an isolated incident and will not happen all the time”. He had already made early plans to travel to several countries in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

“I believe the Malaysian authorities have increased security in public places and will be monitoring in order to avoid such an incident from occurring here,” he said.

In the meantime, security has been bolstered at public spots by motorcycle patrolling units and patrol cars constantly conducting periodic patrols and the number of policemen has also been intensified compared to normal days.