Kayveas supports PAS-Umno cooperation

KayveasKUALA LUMPUR: MyPPP president M Kayveas supports PAS’s cooperation with Umno for the sake of racial unity and political stability in the country.

He said it could strengthen unity, especially in the Malay community, and propel the country to a more advanced stage in the future.

“If possible, PAS and PKR should all be united for the sake of political stability. If the Malays themselves are not united, they will lose their political power in future,” he told reporters after presenting certificates of appreciation to volunteers at the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) complex here today.

Kayveas, who stated that MyPPP would continue to stand with Barisan Nasional, said the country would face political chaos if there was no unity within each race.

When asked about plans to beautify the MAB building, he said that MyPPP would organise gotong-royong activities and donate audio equipment to the centre’s library for the use of the visually impaired.