Police uniforms, paraphernalia easily available online


KUALA LUMPUR: One does not need to go to seedy shops to buy police paraphernalia. Now, anyone interested in playing policeman can buy related gear over the Internet.

Earlier today, The Star reported that police paraphernalia could be easily purchased from small shops here and in Sungai Besi for less than RM500.

However, a quick search online revealed that such items were also readily available on shopping website Alibaba.com.

One simply has to search “police malaysia” and an extensive list of items with the Malaysian police insignia will appear onscreen.

This includes uniforms and reflective vests, riot control shields, walkie-talkies, handcuffs and even uniform badges.

The items come from suppliers based in China, India and Malaysia.

An “ISO standard flame retardant anti-riot suit for Malaysia FBF-B01”, for example, is being sold by “Wenzhou Anping Police Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd” – a Chinese company – for between USD75-125 each.

Interested parties could also obtain a genuine-looking set of police reflective safety vests from a local Johor-based supplier.

When contacted, the vest supplier said the goods were priced according to order and that no requirements were needed for a purchase.

Earlier this month, two people – a kuey teow seller and a security guard – were arrested for impersonating police outriders.