PKR S’wak to station ‘phantom voter detection specialists’


KUCHING: PKR Sarawak’s Voon Shiak Ni has publicly warned the Election Commission (EC) and the Barisan Nasional (BN) Sarawak against bringing in phantom voters during the forthcoming state election expected as early as March this year. “PKR would be stationing its ‘phantom voter detection specialists’ in all the areas the party would be contesting.”

She urged Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem to prevail on the EC to clean up the electoral rolls before the state election. “Adenan should aim for clean, free and fair elections if he’s sincere about better governance.”

Voon, who may stand in Batu Kitang, was announcing the results of a survey conducted by the party’s Win Team in the state seat. “The Win Team, headed by Mahani Masban, came across many addresses with non-existent voters during a house-to-house check based on the electoral list provided by the EC.”

In one particular case, chipped in Mahani, the Team came across a small house with 12 registered voters. “The names were not known to the house owner.”

“How is it possible for these people to register themselves as voters giving addresses where they don’t stay?”

Most of the houses in Batu Kitang, charged Mahani, had at least two registered voters who were not staying there. “There are also cases of ex-servicemen and ex-policemen still on the postal votes register although they would have long since retired, some as many as ten years ago.”

In the last General Election, alleged Voon, the BN used buses to ferry voters from Jalan Haji Baki to Simunjan and Tupong to vote. “This was verified by the PKR Women’s Team in Simunjan.”

“The EC has yet to explain these incidents.”