Shahbudin: AG pleads not guilty on Najib’s behalf

Apandi-AliKUALA LUMPUR: A political analyst, for starters, wants to know what Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak did with the RM42 million from SRC International deposited in his personal banking account, supposedly without his knowledge. “Did he spend the money or is it still in his account?

Shahbudin Husin, the analyst, further asked, “Why was the money (RM42 million) not returned to SRC International, just as he supposedly returned a portion of the RM2.6 billion that he received from the Saudi royal family?”

Shahbudin has other related questions as well. For example, what made two SRC Directors, namely Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil and Suboh Md Yassin, mysteriously flee the country and continue to remain abroad?

“Will they continue to remain outside the country now that the case has been closed, or will they return immediately to the country? What are they afraid of?

“Do they (the ex-directors) know about the RM42 million from SRC International deposited in Najib’s personal banking account?”

The analyst was commenting on Attorney-General Mohd Apandi Ali’s statement on the RM42 million which, according to previous investigations, was deposited in Najib’s account.

The AG reportedly found no information showing that Najib knew or was informed about the RM42 million from SRC International which was deposited in his account, as well as no information showing that the Prime Minister gave permission to transfer any monies from SRC International into his account. The AG also found that at all material times, the Prime Minister believed that all his expenditure was only paid for using the RM2.6 billion donated from the Saudi royal family.

In short, Apandi was mitigating on behalf of Najib and thereby claiming “not guilty” on his behalf.

“Isn’t this yet another joke that will continue to keep us all laughing at the AG?” asked Shahbudin.

He draws attention to several related questions: who deposited the RM42 million in Najib’s account; how did he, she or they obtain the said bank account number; does it make sense that anyone would deposit such a large amount of money, i.e. RM42 million, in someone’s account without informing the recipient; how sure are we that Najib did not give his personal bank account number to anyone; if he did not disclose his account number, how did anyone else obtain it; and can we conclude that Najib’s bank account number is in fact an open secret for anyone to deposit monies in it?

“Apandi’s statement on Tuesday clearing Najib of wrongdoing was a comedy of errors.

“If the AG’s statement on the RM2.6 billion was comical, his explanation on the RM42 million was even more comical.”