Kadir: Mukhriz should form coalition govt or dissolve state assembly

kadir jasin

KUALA LUMPUR: Indirectly, for all practical purposes, Kedah virtually has a “new government” but still under Mukhriz Mahathir as Menteri Besar, noted a veteran newsman in his latest blog posting. “This government is made up of Mukhriz’s supporters across the political divide.”

“The insurrection started by Prime Minister’s Najib Abdul Razak’s people in Kedah has run into a deadend.”

Mukhriz and his supporters, ventured former New Straits Times Group Editor-in-Chief Kadir Jasin, should seriously consider forming a new coalition government across the political divide. “As soon as the 2013 General Election was over, and Kedah was wrested back from the Opposition, Mukhriz was in fact advised to form a coalition government with PAS but he declined to entertain the notion at that time.”

Alternatively, said the veteran newsman, the Kedah Assembly could be dissolved to pave the way for fresh state elections.

If Mukhriz comes through the present crisis, said Kadir, he needs to change his attitude and approach on the administration of Kedah. “He needs to be more hands-on, firm and emphasise on skills.”

“Don’t bring shame to Mahathir Mohamad, his father’s, name. Don’t disappoint the supporters again.”

Kedah was already being treated like a stepchild, pointed out the veteran newsman. “So, it would be advisable for Mukhriz and his supporters across the political divide to seriously consider a long term solution….a coalition government reflecting the political reality.”

The move to overthrow Mukhriz isn’t isolated and one-off but part of a broader plot to purge from government all Menteris Besar suspected of opposing the Prime Minister or being less than loyal to him, said Kadir. “The Menteris Besar of Pahang (Adnan Yaakob), Negeri Sembilan (Mohamad Hassan) and Perak (Zambry Abdul Kadir) are all on the hit list as part of a black operation.”

“Unfortunately for Najib, the rebels in Kedah and the plotters were too quick off the market and didn’t coordinate with the other states where a change of leadership was seen as important.”

The rebels either did not take into consideration the role of the Kedah Council of Regency or downplayed its significance, continued Kadir. “They behaved as if they had to reckon with the king only.”

“They forgot that they faced a resurgent Conference of Rulers and three members of the aristocracy in Kedah i.e. Tunku Sallehuddin Ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah, Tunku Abdul Hamid Thani Ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah and Tunku Puteri Intan Safinaz binti Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah.”

In agreeing with an analysis in The Star on Kedah, Kadir said the political crisis there could be likened to a preview of what’s to come at the Federal level if the situation gets out of hand in politics and the economy and continues to threaten national security and the people. “It was shameful when 15 State Assemblymen from the Opposition not only criticised the BN lawmakers as being undemocratic but threw their support behind Mukhriz as Menteri Besar.”

“Umno Secretary-General Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor better shut his mouth. This was no longer an Umno crisis but has become bigger as Najib’s supporters are at the receiving end of a constitutional one where they had to reckon with the power of the Constitution in the political crisis.”

If the statement by the rebels in the mainstream media was to believed, said Kadir, Mukhriz should have been history by now. “The reality is that it was the division among BN leaders that saw the Council of Regency calling for a meeting with the lawmakers, first the BN and when that appeared divisive, a meeting with Opposition lawmakers too. It was an unprecedented step as reported by The Star.”

“The BN lawmakers did not issue a unanimous statement either on Mukhriz unlike their Opposition counterparts.”

The rebels did not have the numbers and the Council of Regency, in realising this, was not willing to go along with them in making a decision, argued Kadir. “The Council was democratic in exercising its moral authority and power under the Constitution.”

The BN lawmakers were not convincing on the two questions asked by the Council i.e. whether they no longer supported Mukhriz and whether they were influenced by anyone in moving against the Menteri Besar, summed up the veteran newsman.