Penang’s land reclamation may harm coastal communities


PETALING JAYA: The proposed reclamation projects in Penang may harm the coastal communities in the state, environmental NGO Sahabat Alam Malaysia has warned.

NGO president Mohamed Idris said such projects had so far come at a price as they had harmed the environment, caused erosion, loss of coastal resources, impacted marine life and disrupted the fisheries industry in the area.

According to him, proposed reclamation off Bayan Mutiara and Bayan Bay had the potential to cause sedimentation and erosion in the adjacent Pulau Jerejak, due to wave patterns.

“Vast amounts of fill material is required for these reclamation projects.

“The adverse impacts of sourcing the sand and rocks required for these projects are often overlooked,” he said in a statement.

Several land reclamation projects have been approved or proposed in the north-eastern, south-eastern and southern coasts off Penang.

“SAM urges the state government and relevant authorities to reconsider the reclamation works and re-examine the thrust of development in the state.

“Environmental destruction that costs society in the long run is not the way forward,” said Mohamed.

According to a Bernama report yesterday, the DAP-led Penang government would reveal details of the agreements on the reclamation of 24.28 ha at Bayan Mutiara and Bayan Bay to the public on Thursday.