Shots of Ahmad Bashah ‘sleeping’ go viral

Ahmad-BashahAhamd-Bashah-tdioALOR SETAR: While pictures of Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah being sworn-in as Kedah’s new menteri besar are likely to be splashed across the pages of all local newspapers tomorrow, an unflattering snapshot of him sitting with his eyes closed during a palace ceremony has grabbed pride of place in cyberspace instead.

A screenshot seemingly depicting the Kedah Umno liaison deputy chief taking forty winks during a swearing-in ceremony is going viral on social media, much to the amusement of netizens.

The picture, uploaded on Kelab Che Det’s Facebook page came with the caption: “Congratulations. May Kedah continue to prosper. Old MB changed with a new one, for sure the replacement is the best. Congratulations!!!”

The picture is fast packing on its number of “likes”, having received close to 12,000 in just under an hour and has been shared over 3,500 times by eager netizens out for a good laugh.

However, Facebook users did not stop short at liking and sharing the photo but left a string of sarcastic and witty one-liners too.

“He’s enjoying the speech. This is your luck, Najib. Your men are idiots,” Facebook user Mohd Shahie wrote, alluding to Ahmad Bashah’s explanation that he was not napping but merely shutting his eyes to better appreciate the speech being delivered.

Another user, Mohd Faidzul Sharufuddin quipped: “Pity him. He couldn’t sleep last night. His heart was like, ‘dupdapdupdap’, waiting for the new position.”

Sivanesh Nash, meanwhile, said Ahmad Bashah was “a loyal leader” who would bring the state forward while sleeping.

Facebook user Norlie Hayati, on the other hand, sarcastically justified the picture of Ahmad Bashah by saying he lacked stamina. “Keep sleeping to find an inspiration.”

Ahmad Bashah, 66, was sworn in as Kedah’s 12th menteri besar this morning.

Yesterday Ahmad Bashah’s predecessor, Mukhriz Mahathir, took a swipe at him by expressing his hope that the former would not fall asleep during his own swearing-in ceremony.