Preserve Bukit Keluang’s natural state, says minister


BESUT: A federal minister has lauded the natural beauty and views from the peak of Bukit Keluang here and called for its mountain to be preserved.

Idris Jusoh, who is the local MP and minister for higher education, said the hilltop of Bukit Keluang, at 85m elevation, was also a location to watch the beautiful sunrise panorama.

He said the hill must be maintained because of its potential as a recreational centre for tourists.

Bukit Keluang, which is rich in flora and fauna, does not need any development and should be retained in its present state, which is preferred by climbers.

“The panorama from the top of Bukit Keluang is very beautiful and impressive. Promotions must be carried out by the authorities so that more people can come to feel and experience the climb for themselves,” he said.

He said this after climbing the hill with 800 climbers, comprising local and outside residents, in conjunction with 2016 Besut Bukit Keluang FIT Programme organised by the Besut Umno division today.

Idris said visitors were flocking to Bukit Keluang almost every weekend since it was opened to the public last year.