Be tough with Sulu claim, PKR urges Najib


KOTA KINABALU: The Prime Minister has been urged to be tough about the Sulu claim being made on Sabah and also ask the Philippine government to intervene, says PKR’s Darell Leiking.

Darell, who is MP for Penampang, told FMT that it was high time the Malaysian government put its foot down in its stance against the claimants to the disputed Sulu Sultanate.

“Since our Prime Minister has been entrusted with guarding the Federation of Malaysia, he should ask his counterpart in the Philippine’ government to help extradite those making the claims, as we consider them criminals under our law,” he said.

He said people like Jacel Kiram, a claimant to the sultanate, should be tried in Malaysia.

A request could be made to the Philippines for Mutual Legal Assistance. “They should arrest them and send them over to be tried. We promise fair judgement,” he said in response to news reports that Phugdfalon Kiram II had been installed as the new Sulu sultan, and intended to hold an international conference to press the claim to Sabah.

Darell said: “As long as we remain coy in our statements, they will keep on making claims on our land. It’s insulting to let them go on any further.”

He said that the claims had long since gone beyond mere talk, as the recent Sulu intrusion into Sabah had proven.

“I’m sure our government’s intelligence will show that some of them are already placed on our lands, with some even having become citizens,” he said.

Darell said that claims such as those made by the Sulu Sultanate would not be tolerated by any other country, and questioned Malaysia’s weak stance on the matter.

“If we had made those claims on the Philippines’ territory, their government would immediately respond. So would the Americans, and those in the UK. Why aren’t we doing the same?”