S’gor PKR wants Chegubard dismissed from party


PETALING JAYA: Selangor PKR wants party rebel Badrul Hisham Shaharin to either be dismissed or have some form of disciplinary action taken against him for continuously attacking Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali.

The state’s deputy Youth chief Zainol Abidin Mohamed also called for the party’s central leadership council and disciplinary committee to reexamine the complaints lodged last year against Badrul’s conduct.

“We want Bad (Badrul) to be expelled. We don’t want the mange to turn into cancer,” he told reporters at a press conference today.

On Monday, Badrul, commonly known as Chegubard, along with a group of local Selangor PKR leaders, accused Azmin, who is also the state PKR chief, of favouritism and cronyism in appointing local councillors.

Chegubard also claimed that Azmin did not respect the divisions despite the PKR constitution stipulating that the divisions had a big say in determining the election candidate.

In demanding action to be taken against Chegubard, PKR Youth Exco member Ridzuan Basri also wants the party to prevent him from attacking the leadership “almost every week”.

He said the party should no longer tolerate the “enemy within the gates” and the time had come for stern action to be taken against the former Rembau division chief.

Claiming Chegubard had a vendetta against Azmin, Ridzuan also wanted to know whether he had “settled” his legal battle with former Youth vice-chief Nazree Yunus in 2014.

The court had previously ordered Chegubard to pay Nazree RM50,000 in compensation after he was found guilty of slandering the latter.

“Has he finished paying?” Ridzuan asked, adding that Chegubard’s continuous attacks had destabilised the party and ruined PKR’s image.

Meanwhile, Selangor PKR Secretary Borhan Aman Shah said the state leadership had been to the MB’s office and was satisfied that there was no form of power play or cronyism in Azmin’s administration.