Cybertroopers, news portals create own versions of reality


PETALING JAYA: Najib Razak today hit out at keyboard warriors, cybertroopers and news portals for creating their own version of “reality” with click bait headlines that served their own agendas.

In a blog post, the prime minister said these groups had made the online world their “playground”.

“This is an unhealthy practice of journalism.

“The Internet is a shared property owned collectively by all global citizens.

“As such, we have the responsibility not to misuse it,” he wrote, adding that technology had been abused to incite racism or religious intolerance.

Najib’s post comes a day after the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) restricted access to The Malaysian Insider following complaints over its content.

He added the battle of perception would be a continuous one, as the Internet was an open space for the people’s voices.

However, it was up to netizens to practise moderation and “not fall prey to misconstrued agenda by irresponsible users”.

“Internet users must be able to differentiate truths, half-truths, lies and opinions before forming their own judgment.”

Netizens, he urged, should be more cautious when sharing information on social media and use it to promote unity.
This was because the Internet was a powerful tool that could both shape and dismantle a society.