Easing the housemanship crunch with more posts


BALIK PULAU: More positions for doctors will be created in government hospital so that medical graduates can undertake their period of housemanship, Deputy Health Minister Dr Hilmi Yahaya said today.

There have been complaints that many medical graduates were unable to secure placement as housemen because there were insufficient vacancies at government hospitals.

Hilmi said more positions would be opened for medical officers and specialist doctors, in line with the 11th Malaysia Plan target of a one doctor to every 400 people by 2020.

“We are currently discussing with the Public Service Department (JPA) to add more vacancies in government hospitals, and the result of the meeting will be made public once everything is finalised,” he told reporters here today.

He said the current ratio was one doctor to 600 people. The government needed to create more positions for doctors to achieve the target ratio of 1 to 400.

Hilmi noted that about 4,000 to 5,000 medical graduates applied to be housemen every year and there were insufficient places because the housemanship is for two years.

“The problem is that not every medical graduate can pass the housemanship in two years as some may need to extend if they fail certain criteria. So, annually, there are 10,000 medical graduates doing housemanship at government hospitals.”

Hilmi, who is Balik Pulau MP, was making his weekly constituency visit. He called on the four children of the late Hanizar Abd Hamid and Zaiton Awang who were killed in a road accident in Sungai Petani on Wednesday.

He said Balik Pulau Umno would raise funds beginning with RM5,000 to support the children, Ainatul Balqis, 15, Nur Ainul Huda, 13, Muhd Amirul Hafiz, 10 and Iskandar Zulkarnain, eight, who are currently under the care of their aunt, Zurita Mohd Zahir, 40, in Teluk Kumbar.

The couple were killed when their motorcycle collided with a car and crashed into a parked trailer-lorry at Km106 of the North-South Highway early on Wednesday morning.