Sweet scent of dodol brings back Japanese visitor


KUALA LUMPUR: The sweet aroma and exquisite taste of dodol, which she tried a few years ago in Malaysia, has lured Japanese tourist Hanae Matsushita, 40, into revisiting the country.

In fact, she was very excited when she found out that the dodol stirring activity was part of the Cook and Dine Exhibition organised by the National Museum during her visit this time.

She wanted to try dodol while it was still hot, as she said it was more fresh and tasty that way.

Matsushita, who is a food buff, said the dodol’s texture reminded her of the traditional Japanese delicacy ‘Uiro’, which is also made of rice flour and sugar like dodol.

“However the way of cooking is different, Uiro (is) cooked using steam and I find the way they cook dodol is more complicated and unique,” she said while at the museum on Saturday.

Matsushita’s face clearly reflected her excitement as she kept scooping up the delicacy, constantly praising it.

Chinese national Chang Jun, 35, said he felt lucky to be able to see the process of preparing dodol, and actually tried it himself.

“My tourist guide told me that it usually only happens in the countryside during festive seasons, so it’s great I can experience this rare occasion while visiting,” he said.

Account executive, Azimah Nordin, 26, was also thrilled to experience the process as she had never seen it before, and she shared the moment with her two school-going children.

“I usually eat dodol during Hari Raya but I have never had the experience of seeing it stirred live, it’s fun to be able to stir it myself, and its taste while hot, is far more appetizing,” she said.

The Cook and Dine Exhbition is open until April 23 and introduces various traditional delicacies to visitors.