Gerakan raps Kok for blaming media for ‘Feng Shui’ theory


PETALING JAYA: Gerakan Vice-President Dominic Lau How Chai has slammed Teresa Kok of DAP for blaming the media for misinterpreting her words when she offered the theory on “Feng Shui” as the reason why Lim Guan Eng was able to purchase a bungalow at a price below market value.

“Since her childish statement has failed to deceive the people, she now blames others for misinterpreting her words.

He said Lim, who is Penang chief minister had earlier alleged the media had distorted his reply about the market value of the house and that Kok, who is MP for Seputeh was doing the same thing now.

“Does it mean that Malaysian journalists are so unprofessional?” he asked in a statement issued today, pointing out that this was an insult to local reporters.

Lau reiterated that Kok had indeed uttered those words and a short video clip of her making the statement could be found online.

“The media did not misinterpret her statement. Both DAP leaders unfairly blamed the media in an attempt to cover up their own mistakes.

“The rakyat should think carefully whether or not they want such irresponsible leaders.”

Meanwhile, MCA publicity bureau chairman Chai Kim Sen said in a statement that the purchase of the bungalow below-market price became a sensational issue due to Lim’s “ever-changing and often evasive statements” since the very start of the controversy.

“Lim has been constantly diverting attention, from opening his house doors for the media, then requesting BN (Barisan Nasional) leaders do the same, to accusing BN of political assassination while not providing a reasonable explanation regarding the purchase of the bungalow.”

He also slammed the chief minister for saying he was completely unaware of the market value of his bungalow, and only admitting he knew of the sale of the bungalow after a valuation report began circulating online.

“Since he (Lim) knew the price stated on the valuation report, why couldn’t he have just admitted it at the onset?” Chai asked.

Chai reminded Lim that as a Chief Minister of a state government, any benefits offered to him by any individual would definitely arouse suspicion of misconduct.