Noh Omar: DAP hypocrites for issuing advisory

Noh Omar

KUALA LUMPUR: An Umno MP has pointed to the hypocrisy of DAP leader Lim Guan Eng who has allowed only a few appointed party members to speak about his controversial bungalow purchase.

Tanjong Karang MP Noh Omah said if it was a party matter, then no advisory should be issued to DAP elected representatives to keep mum over the issue.

“Where is the freedom of speech they have been preaching about? When it concerns them, they don’t allow everyone to speak about it.

“He has to decide if the issue is a private matter or a party matter. If it is the former, then let Lim alone address the issue. If it is the latter, then why can’t others answer? Why the double standards?

“They are hypocrites,” he told reporters at Parliament lobby here today, posing the question of whether Lim had discussed the bungalow with other DAP members before going ahead with its purchase in 2012.

English daily The Star yesterday reported that a gag order had been placed on all DAP leaders in regard to the issue of the bungalow.

DAP National Organising Secretary Anthony Loke, however, clarified that it was only an advisory issued to all Penang assemblymen, requesting them to leave matters surrounding the chief minister’s controversial bungalow purchase to appointed spokespersons.

Loke said the spokespersons were the chief minister himself, Penang DAP Chairperson Chow Kon Yeow, State Exco Member Jagdeep Singh Deo and party Legal Adviser Gobind Singh Deo.

Lim has been at the centre of a corruption allegation following a revelation by Tasek Gelugor MP Shabudin Yahaya, linking the CM’s double-storey house bought last year to the 2012 sale of state land in Taman Manggis.

The house, valued at between RM6 million and RM6.5 million, was sold to Lim for only RM2.8 million.

Following the allegation, both the police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) opened investigation papers on the case while Lim had denied any element of corruption or abuse of power in the purchase.