Sepang MP rushed to hospital


KUALA LUMPUR: Sepang MP Hanipa Maidin was rushed to the hospital today from Parliament, after feeling nauseous.

He was taken to Kuala Lumpur Hospital in a Parliament ambulance.

At 5.30pm today, Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran tweeted that Hanipa was found slumped in his seat.

“He was feeling drowsy and others assisted him to the wheelchair. He was taken to the clinic.”

Kulasegaran said he sits three chairs away from Hanipa.

“During the 15-minute break on the reading of the Companies Bill, all the MPs stood up, but Hanipa did not.

“We quickly called for help.”

Kulasegaran said he was thankful the Dewan medical team was quick to act.

He added Parliament had been having its own doctor and ambulance service since 1964 after one of the Speakers died in his chair.