Shafee absent in Court, celebrity ordered to pay costs

zahida-shafeePUTRAJAYA: Celebrity Zahida Mohamed Rafik was ordered to pay her former driver, Noor Azman Azemi, a sum of RM5,000, following the absence of her lawyer in court for hearing.

Justice Lim Yee Lan, along with Justices Badariah Sahamid and Harmindar Singh Dhaliwal ordered the actress to pay RM5,000 cost to Noor Azman because of the inconvenience that Zahida’s lawyer, Shafee Abdullah, brought to Noor Azman and his lawyers, by failing to attend.

Monday was supposed to be fixed for the appeal hearing by Zahida over the defamation suit against her by Noor Azman.

Lawyer Wan Aizuddin Wan Mohammed told the court that Shafee had to attend to a matter in Butterworth. “Because of the circumstances of the other hearing for a CBT (criminal breach of trust), which today is fixed for the final hearing, he (Shafee) has to attend. This case has been on-going for the past five years,” he said.

Latheefa Koya for Noor Azman said they were not informed that Zahida’s lawyer will be seeking another adjournment again. “We only received the letter from them to seek to postpone of the hearing after it was sent as well as a letter to reject the postponement,” she said.

Latheefa added they were not aware Shafee would be seeking a postponement again on Monday. “We are asking for cost of RM5,000 because of the postponement,” she said.

Wan Aizuddin tried to say that Shafee had to attend an important hearing at the prosecution stage and wanted to argue that no cost should be ordered. However, Justice Badariah Sahamid interjected and said, “This is not the first time counsel was seeking postponement.”

“You inconvenience people at the last minute. They have to drive all the way here,” she said.

The panel ordered RM5,000 to be paid to Noor Azman.

In 2013, Noor Azman filed a defamation suit against his former employer for accusing him of running away with RM200,000 cash.

The High Court in February 26 last year ruled that Zahida had slandered Noor Azman in a 2013 article (Zahida Rafik Terkedu).

She was ordered to pay him RM150,000 in damages.