Mustapa: Foreign investors unfazed by 1MDB issue


JELI: Foreign investors have high confidence in Malaysia despite the 1Malaysia Development Bhd issue, says the Minister of International Trade and Industry, Mustapa Mohamed.

He said the investors viewed the situation on a long-term basis and Malaysia had good medium- and long-term investment prospects.

“Last week, corporate leaders from 20 US companies met with the Prime Minister (Najib Razak), Deputy Prime Minister (Ahmad Zahid Hamidi) and I, and they stated their confidence in Malaysia’s development prospects,” he told reporters after officiating at a rubber production incentive briefing in his constituency of Jeli.

He said the stable political situation and the government’s ability to drive the country’s development were factors that ensured investors were able to generate profits.

Mustapa said the 1MDB report tabled by the Public Accounts Committee on Thursday had shown that there was no link between 1MDB issues and the prime minister.

“We have wasted over one year to debate on this issue, various slanders were thrown towards the prime minister and the government,” he said, urging the rakyat to look forward to continue developing the country to ensure sufficient job opportunities, businesses and education.