PAC report proves 1MDB money not missing, says MP


KUALA LUMPUR: The Public Accounts Committee’s report on 1Malaysia Development Bhd tabled in Parliament on Thursday has proven that no money or public funds had gone missing from the government strategic investment company, according to Limbang MP Hasbi Habibollah.

Hasbi said the report also proved that all allegations against Prime Minister Najib Razak were baseless.

He said the report had also dismissed with solid evidence all allegations and accusations made against the company.

“The PAC report finally proved that all money and funds were accounted for and all transactions have been verified. No money or funds have gone missing. It was also proven that there was no element of crime or misappropriation of funds as alleged,” he said in a statement.

PAC member Ahmad Hamzah, who is MP for Jasin, said the tabling of the report also proved that a democratic system is being practiced effectively through PAC, which comprises representatives of both government supporters and the opposition.”

Ahmad Hamzah said the report was the final decision and a closure to all speculations and allegations made against 1MDB.

He said all recommendations made collectively by PAC members in the report should be given fair consideration to maintain the integrity of the Parliament.