Grab drivers being victimised by disgruntled cabbies

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PETALING JAYA: It is proving to be a frustrating experience for Grab ridesharing drivers.
They have become the target of disgruntled taxi drivers who are resorting to making Grab requests and making the drivers wait for as long as they can.

The Grab drivers wait patiently for their customer before finally realising they have been stood up.

This nuisance tactic was brought to the attention of FMT.

Based on checks on a few social media pages, FMT found that this idea was being spread by netizens on local taxi and anti-ride-hailing app Facebook pages.

On one page, a netizen even suggested cheating Grab drivers by encouraging riders to refrain from paying for their rides.

“If the driver makes noise, ask him to make a police report.

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“Surely he will not report you… no taxi permit, no public service vehicle licence, no insurance,” read the post which received more than 100 likes.

A taxi driver, who declined to be named, confirmed to FMT that some taxi drivers were indeed making such Grab requests and standing up the drivers.

“I think they are doing this out of spite, I don’t do it, but I can understand why some are doing so as Grab drivers are putting sand in our rice bowls.”

He said this had been going on for months and, if unchecked, something untoward was bound to happen.

He blamed the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) for what was happening, noting that the supervising authority had failed to deal with the ridesharing issue until now.

Public Transport Consumers Association (4PAM) President Ajit Johl said he was not surprised such things were happening.

“The frustrations of taxi drivers are growing because of SPAD’s inability to do its job of regulating the industry.”

Ajit said things would only escalate from this point on and the victims would be the passengers. He voiced concern that such “cheating” cases may lead to disputes which could turn physical.

When contacted, Grab said it was constantly reviewing feedback from drivers and passengers.

“Grab does not condone any negative behaviour by either party.

“Therefore, every feedback and complaint is reviewed and investigated to ensure we continue to improve our services for both parties,” said a Grab spokesperson.

Grab also encouraged it’s drivers to report such incidence so the matter can be looked into.