‘Warn customers before charging for air cond’


PETALING JAYA: Restaurants should put up signs if they want to avoid customers walking in without purchasing anything.

Malaysian Muslim Consumers’ Association (PPIM) chief activist Nadzim Johan said this when responding to earlier reports that a mamak restaurant in Bangsar near here was charging customers RM10 for “air conditioning”.

The restaurant’s manager later claimed that it was a mistake by the restaurant’s staff when issuing the receipt.

However, he said customers who walk in without ordering anything before leaving would be charged RM10 for air conditioning.

Nadzim said it was a regular occurrence for customers to walk into air-conditioned shops or restaurants, especially in view of the extreme heat experienced of late.

“It’s normal for people to walk in without ordering anything. We get many complaints regularly about people who do this. It’s still something we have to deal with all the time,” Nadzim told FMT.

However, he said it was “abnormal” for a restaurant to charge for air conditioning and says it’s a “human etiquette” issue.

“I sympathise with the restaurant, but it is still quite abnormal.

“Restaurants should put up signs that they will charge customers for using the space if they do not order anything. It’s only fair if they do so and, legally, the customers cannot argue about this as well.”