Vote for SUPP if you want a Chinese rep, says CM


KUCHING: If the Sarawakians want to continue having Chinese representatives in the state Cabinet, they will have to vote for BN’s component party, the Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP).

This was stated by Chief Minister Adenan Satem at a press conference this evening where he was asked if he would consider having more Chinese ministers in the state government.

“The Chinese want to be represented in the government and the only way to do that is to vote for SUPP. Then, of course, I will consider having a few Chinese in my Cabinet.

“But that depends on the numbers, of course. If none of them (SUPP candidates) is elected, I cannot appoint anybody.

“If you don’t want (a Chinese in the Cabinet), you vote for DAP.

“If you want, then you vote for SUPP. Then there will be Chinese representatives in the government – as it was before.”

Currently, there are two SUPP leaders in the Sarawak Cabinet. However, there are fears of this changing should most of the Chinese seats go to the Opposition instead of SUPP.

The 11th state election is taking place this May 7 and SUPP has been working hard to regain the Chinese votes back from the Opposition who, in the last election, had successfully wrested 15 seats from the BN coalition.