Amanah warns against too big a win for BN

Dzulkefly-AhmadPETALING JAYA: Parti Amanah Negara has urged voters to ensure that Sarawak has a strong opposition representation in its state assembly.

Acknowledging the inevitability of a Barisan Nasional win at tomorrow’s polls, Amanah Strategy Director Dzulkefly Ahmad today warned Sarawakians against what he said was the “danger” of giving “too handsome a victory” to Chief Minister Adenan Satem’s regime.

“Only by mandating a strong opposition representation can voters check PBB-BN against becoming a corrupt and dysfunctional government, like its Umno-BN counterpart in Peninsular Malaysia,” he said in a media statement.

“Given Adenan’s autocratic tendency, it is very dangerous to mandate him too handsome a victory.”

He condemned Adenan’s caretaker administration for ordering peninsular-based opposition campaigners to get out of Sarawak two days before polling day, saying the Chief Minister had enhanced the “electoral authoritarianism” he started practising even before the official campaign period began with the banning of more than 30 opposition leaders.

“Adenan has ensured that the opposition is crippled further by giving its campaigners the deadline of May 5 for them to disappear from the battleground,” he said. “What an act of cowardice. It makes a huge mockery of his imminent victory and a farce of democracy.”

He alleged that Adenan was particularly worried about the continuing Chinese support for the opposition.

“For that matter,” he added, “the dwindling support of the Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu for BN is equally worrying for him and his boss in Putrajaya. His main key performance indicator is the arrest of this emerging trend.”

Dzulkefly also alleged that Sarawakians lived a “dismal and disgraceful” life and that Adenan feared that his government would be exposed as having failed them.

“He is surely under the false illusion that Sarawakians could be continuously deluded and conned,” he said.

“His RM27 billion cash reserve is totally meaningless if taps in the homes issue anything but clean and clear water and schools throughout the state are still dilapidated.”

On his campaign rounds, Dzulkefly said, he saw scores of schools in “a sorry state” and encountered “everywhere” longhouse communities deprived of basic amenities.

“It is scandalous and criminal for a government to subject citizens to this state of abject deprivation while it boasts of its massive cash reserve,” he said.

“The high cost of living as a result of the GST and withdrawal of subsidies could have easily been absorbed and handled by a ‘caring and rich government’. But only a strong will power and tenacity can deliver a meaningful life to the rakyat. Will Adenan now deliver?”