Driving without a licence will now land you in court


PETALING JAYA: Have you been driving around without a valid licence?

If you have, best beware that the next time you are stopped by a traffic police officer at a road block, you will no longer be issued a compound summons.

Instead, not only will your vehicle be seized, you will be summoned to the court to face further action, The Sun Daily reported.

The new rule, enforced last month, has seen thousands of unlicensed riders and drivers reprimanded and summoned to face court action.

According to the report, more than 630,000 motorists and motorcyclists have been issued summonses so far for not possessing a valid driver’s licence in 2014 and last year.

Federal traffic police chief SAC Mahamad Akhir Darus told The Sun Daily that the aim of implementing the new policy was more about educating offenders about the dangers of driving without a valid licence rather than to collect revenue.