MIC’s sudden concern for Indians laughable, says Ramasamy


GEORGE TOWN: MIC’s “sudden appearance” at an eviction of Indian villagers in Ijok, Selangor earlier this week was distasteful, says DAP’s  P. Ramasamy who is also Penang Deputy Chief Minister II.

He said MIC’s springing into action was selective and smacked of hypocrisy, when it had ignored most issues plaguing the Indian community.

“I would like to ask MIC’s ‘pack’ leader (Youth Chief) C. Sivaraajh what did MIC do when statues were destroyed in Ipoh?

“What did they do about the 1MDB issue? Or allegations of corruption in their own party?

“Pulling a tantrum in Ijok is laughable when you have abandoned the Indian community for the past 60 years,” he told FMT.

On Tuesday, MIC attempted to stop a demolition of 30 houses at Kampung Seri Aman, Ijok, following a clearing order by the Kuala Selangor district Land and Mines Department.

The residents are families of those who had settled there 50 years ago and the majority of them were estate workers.

The homes were to be cleared to make way for an affordable housing project.

Meanwhile, Ramasamy said MIC also threw a spanner in the works when the Penang government wanted to compensate the settlers of Kg Buah Pala in Gelugor, Penang.

He said thanks to MIC’s intervention, nine families were left out of a settlement that would have given them a RM600,000 bungalow house in 2009.

“Now, the situation in Ijok is similar. It appears they want to be in the limelight.

“I think this is a very distasteful manner in championing the people’s cause.

“They are just merely trying to show to the community that they can be trusted.

“I think the Indians have made up their minds that MIC is history,” Ramasamy said.

Yesterday, it was reported that Selangor state executive councillor V. Ganabatirau said only four houses and three “small places of worship” were demolished.

Thirty house owners at Kampung Seri Aman were told to relocate since 2013, but only a handful had done so, he told FMT.

Ganabatirau said only four house owners had refused the offer of two housing and farmland lots by the developer of the affordable housing project.

A RM5,000 compensation was also refused, he said, adding that the remainder of the 26 homes will not be demolished.

Yesterday, a protest led by MIC and some 100 residents took place at the Selangor state secretariat building.

Sivarraajh, who was also present, said the Selangor government’s actions were cruel and inhumane.

In a statement, Sivaraajh said the state government were not revealing the actual number of displaced families.

He said the alternative land provided to the residents next to a river was less than ideal as it was prone to flooding.

Sivaraajh also felt the government’s RM5,000 compensation was too low.

“I also know that the three temples are going to be demolished next. I warn V. Ganabatirau not to even think about touching the temples without a proper alternative structure provided,” he said in a press statement on Tuesday.