Sri Hartamas victim died after violent sex with 2 men


PETALING JAYA: The man found dead in his condominium in Sri Hartamas yesterday is believed to have been involved in a violent sex act with two men earlier.

According to China Press today, the 47-year-old local man is believed to have suffocated after the act with two foreigners, who the police are now hunting for.

Police reportedly found the drug paraphernalia, drugs, condoms, lubricants and underwear in the man’s rented unit.

The victim was found dead in his apartment about noon yesterday.

He was found naked, gagged and his feet bound, while his genitals were wrapped in cloth.

The gruesome discovery was made after the victim’s father was unsuccessful in trying to reach him by phone. The father then asked the house owner to check on his son.

The owner went to the unit a second time with his friends and a security guard and when his calls went unanswered, they broke open the door and found the victim dead inside.

Police have classified the case as murder.