Zam: Anwar’s letter from jail all about himself


KUALA LUMPUR: A former Information Minister has taken the position that it’s not necessary for former de facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim to “study” Anwar Ibrahim’s “flowery” hand-written letter from jail “seeking sympathy for his party’s reformation movement”.

In fact, added Zainuddin Maidin, the letter was not about seeking sympathy for PKR’s “reformasi” agenda. “It’s about former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad not clearing Anwar, with a word or two, on his moral standards.”

In the case of Mahathir, charged Zainuddin who was also a former Editor-in-Chief of Utusan Malaysia, “there can be no forgiveness (for Anwar) in this case”.

Zainuddin held that perhaps Zaid was too “fanatical” in his loyalty to Anwar to see him as a real person. “Chandra Muzaffar, Sidek Baba and other morally upright people, who have been in the reformasi movement, know who the real Anwar is.”

Zainuddin was trying to figure out why a “sharp” lawyer like Zaid couldn’t “smell” what was behind Anwar’s letter from jail and what drove him to write it. “It appears that Anwar suddenly sees dangers in working with Mahathir on the Citizens’ Declaration.”

“He feels that such co-operation was not in line with the aspirations of the reformasi movement spearheaded by his party.”

He pointed out that Anwar had been quiet all along when Mahathir joined forces with the Opposition but now he has suddenly penned an eight-page letter, in his own handwriting, that was sentimental, beautiful, poetic, breaking into rhyme, all for the purpose of warning about the alleged dangers in working with Mahathir.

“He’s clearly upset with the former Prime Minister for not clearing him, with a word or two, on the homosexual tendencies which landed him behind bars.”

Zainuddin recalled that Mahathir himself told foreign journalists and local media as well that Anwar could not be Prime Minister as he “had some moral issues”. That, stressed Zainuddin, has crushed whatever remaining hopes that Anwar has that Mahathir would be willing to do anything to bring down Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

In returning to Zaid, the former Information Minister said that it was no secret that he was prejudiced against PAS, among others on the hudud issue, as a result of his liberal thinking.

“The reality, he knows, is that hudud cannot be implemented in this country but yet he continues to flog the Islamists on this issue.”

PAS in fact, continued Zainuddin, has floated far from its policies and principles in its willingness to accept the leadership of a “homosexual” and co-operate with the kafir (non-believers) except the kafir in Umno.

“It has screamed for so long, in order to recover its dignity and the dignity of its leadership, after having labelled many Muslims as kafir.”

Zainuddin urged Zaid to keep all this in mind and throw his support behind PAS only to stand in the Kuala Kangsar and Sungei Besar parliamentary by-elections “for the sake of the solidarity of the Opposition”. “The people are placing high hopes on them.”

He expressed confidence that DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang, PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali and PAS Deputy President Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man would all play an important role in ensuring that the Opposition takes on Umno one to one in the two by-elections.

“PKR in the two seats could also be persuaded to come on board for Opposition unity in the matter.”