Hospitalised teacher still hard at work


PETALING JAYA: N Indrany, a teacher of 30 years, should have been resting in bed at the Ipoh General Hospital in Perak; instead, she chose to carry out her duty as a teacher.

What is even more amazing is that she was busy marking papers after she had been admitted to the hospital for fatigue, and pneumonia.

News of Indrany marking her students’ examination papers even when hospitalised came to light when a netizen, Khairuddin Hj Md Isa, shared a photograph he had taken of her when he went to see his mother-in-law at the same ward.

“I was visiting my mother-in-law at the Ipoh General Hospital when I saw a teacher at the next bed hard at work marking her students’ answer sheets,” wrote Khairuddin in a Facebook post.

“She told me that the answer sheets were due tomorrow.”

Khairuddin said Indrany had explained she was the only Tamil language teacher at the school where she worked.

“My wife and I left the ward at 11.30pm. She was still at work marking answer sheets. That’s the sacrifice of a teacher. She is like a light to her students’ lives,” he wrote.

“Who are we to look down on the sacrifices of a teacher?”

FMT succeeded in contacting Indrany’s daughter Lavanya Gopalan, who revealed that her mother was being treated for fatigue and pneumonia.

“Her blood oxygen levels are low, which is why she has to wear an oxygen tube. That didn’t stop her from checking her students’ answer sheets,” Lavanya said.

“My mother is a very dedicated teacher. That has always been her attitude, and that has also inspired me to follow in her footsteps and become a teacher.”

Indrany is a retiree from a Tamil school in Ipoh who now teaches Tamil at a nearby secondary school.