Plot to bomb entertainment centres: Teen gets 12 years’ jail


KUALA LUMPUR: A teen boy who plotted to blow up entertainment centres around the capital was today sentenced to 12 years’ jail by the High Court here yesterday, after he was found guilty of promoting acts of terrorism in the country.

Judicial Commissioner Nordin Hassan ordered the 17-year-old boy to serve the sentence from the date of his arrest on April 25 last year.

In his judgement, Nordin said the court was satisfied with the behaviour report issued by the Social Welfare Department (JKM), mitigation by the defence and the prosecution’s submission against the teenager, who was also planning to participate in an experiment to test explosive materials in Gunung Nuang.

“It is indisputable that the act committed by the teenager was a serious offence as it involved public safety and could have a big impact on the country.

“The court opines that such an act should be curbed because it has put us in a situation that we have been disturbed and attacked by the ideology of radical parties, that is not in accordance with the rule of law,” Nordin said adding that the court had taken into account public interests before making its decision.

Nordin said, JKM’s suggestion to send the teenager to the Henry Gurney school for three years was not suitable as the court must determine the appropriate punishment for the offence so that it would serve as a lesson to the accused and society.

He said according to Section 91(1)(h) of the Child Act 2001, if a child is found guilty, he or she is punishable with imprisonment and subject to Section 96(2) of the same act, namely the child should be isolated or separated from adult offenders.

According to the charge sheet, the teenager together with five others, were accused of having conspired to promote acts of terrorism in Malaysia and to create chaos by bombing entertainment centres in the capital, which was an offence under Section 130G of the Penal Code.

They were alleged to have committed the offence at No. 2, Lot 3917, Kampung Bistari, Sungai Michu, Batu 13, Hulu Langat, Selangor, between 7pm on April 24 and 1am the following day.

The charge under Section 120B(1) of the Penal Code, carries a maximum jail term of 30 years and a fine upon conviction.

Earlier, Deputy Public Prosecutor Raja Zaizul Faridah Raja Zaharudin requested the court to impose an appropriate punishment because the offence was a serious crime and as a lesson to the public.

“Although the teenager’s act had not caused loss of life, but if left unchecked or no arrests were made, the offence would have a major impact on the country because of his intention to blow up several places in Kuala Lumpur,” Raja Zaizul Faridah said.

Lawyer Nik Zarith Nik Moustpha, who represented the teenager, said the suggestion from JKM that the accused be sent to the Henry Gurney school was appropriate because the seventh of 10 siblings would have a brighter future there.

“My client is still young. In that school, he will have the opportunities to learn skills and obtain a certificate that can be used after he serves his time in detention,” said Nik Zarith.

On May 12, fertiliser traders and siblings Mohd Anwar Azmi, 34, and Mohd Nurakmal Azmi, 31, and two of their accomplices, drink seller Izwan Shameer Suzaimi, 26, and tyre shop worker Muhammad Luqman Hakim Abdul Aziz, 23, were sentenced to 20 years in jail after they were found guilty of the same charge, namely, promoting acts of terrorism in the country, in April last year.

Another accomplice, Mohd Hafifi Tarmizi, 26, who worked as a storekeeper, was jailed for eight years by the same court on Nov 16 last year, after pleading guilty to the same charge.