LGE: Follow DAP’s lead and cut Umno off

Lim-Guan-Eng-umnoPETALING JAYA: Do as DAP did with PAS and cut ties immediately with Umno, DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng has urged MCA, Gerakan and MIC.

“MCA, Gerakan and MIC should stop the sandiwara (drama) of quit threats by immediately cutting ties with Umno for working with PAS,” Lim said in a statement today.

“Why have they not followed the example of DAP when we cut ties with Hadi (PAS President Hadi Awang) after discovering that Hadi was determined to break his promise to Pakatan Rakyat by implementing hudud?”

Lim mocked the parties’ claims that they were neither informed nor consulted about BN’s decision to support PAS in implementing the hudud bill.

“Questions remain as to why they have not left BN in protest at being treated as an ornamental vase with no value whatsoever to BN without any need for consultation or even notification of decisions made.”

He criticised MCA for blaming DAP for PAS’ tabling of the hudud bill, saying that they were trying to shift the focus of political discourse from BN and Umno to DAP.

“Clearly, MCA, Gerakan and MIC refuse to take responsibility and resign because they wish to cling on to their ministerial positions.”

“Perhaps MCA, MIC and Gerakan should follow the example of Kedah MCA deputy chairman and state Exco member Datuk Dr Leong Yong Kong, who resigned from MCA, but remained as state exco in protest against BN for supporting PAS in tabling the hudud bill.”