Stay out of Islamic matters, Rao tells non-Muslims


PETALING JAYA: Non-Muslims should not interfere with Islamic laws as they are meant specifically for those of only one religion, said Ramesh Rao of NGO Pertubuhan Minda Sosial dan Prihatin (PMSP).

Rao’s stand has however contradicted that of the other non-Muslim leaders from both sides of the political divide, who have openly opposed the proposed Shariah Court (Criminal Jurisdiction) (Amendment) Bill 2016, tabled by the PAS President in Parliament last Thursday.

Taking his arguments to Facebook yesterday, Rao expressed support for the Bill and said, “Hudud is only for Muslims and hence, it is inappropriate for others to interfere with the business of another’s religion.”

Rao also urged Prime Minister Najib Razak to remain firm in his stand to strengthen Islam despite the pressure placed by others.

“I call on PM Najib not to back down against the threats made by MCA and Gerakan.

“There are many other relevant individuals among (Barisan Nasional) component parties who are ready to serve if given the chance.”

Rao was referring to the threats by leaders of BN’s component parties who over the weekend vowed to resign from their respective Cabinet posts if the Bill was ever passed.

Among them were MCA president and Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai; MIC President and Health Minister Dr S Subramaniam; and Gerakan president and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mah Siew Keong.

All three said the law if passed, would pave the way for hudud to be implemented in Kelantan and was “unconstitutional.”