Hotel association: Buffets offer variety, not gluttony


PETALING JAYA: “Buffets offer variety; they don’t promote gluttony.”

Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) President Cheah Swee Hee said this in response to Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) President S M Mohamed Idris’s earlier remarks to do away with Ramadan buffets as they “promote gluttony”.

“Firstly, Ramadan buffets are for Muslims to break their fast.

“Buffets do not promote gluttony. Instead they offer variety.

“Different people have different appetites, different tastes … that is what buffets are for. They do not force people to overeat.

“It is about variety, not gluttony,” Cheah told FMT.

In making the call, Mohamed Idris had alleged that buffets also promoted food wastage and posed health problems.

He also charged that such feasts were against the spirit of Ramadan.

“It is best to ban such buffets and eat at home.

“Make your own food and eat lightly,” he had said.

Hotels commonly offer attractive packages for the “buka puasa” crowd during Ramadan. They usually offer a variety of dishes.