Zahid: Mastura best BN candidate as she has no baggage


KUALA KANGSAR: Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said Barisan Nasional had fielded its best candidate in Mastura Mohd Yazid for the Kuala Kangsar by-election.

Zahid said Mastura, 55, the widow of the previous MP Wan Khair-il Anuar Wan Ahmad, was the most suitable as she had “no baggage”.

“If some among us are disappointed or feel more deserving, but did not get it (candidacy), one must remember that our destiny is in the hands of Allah. So, why the need to feel dismayed?

“If in the past others supported us, now we must support others.

“If we do good, Allah will repay our deeds … insyaAllah,” he said when campaigning for BN in Ulu Kenas, about 30km from here today.

The Kuala Kangsar parliamentary by-election on June 18 is being held following the death of Wan Mohammad Khair-il in a helicopter crash in Sebuyau, Sarawak, on May 5.

The Kuala Kangsar by-election is a four-cornered fight between BN, PAS, Amanah and an independent.

The parliamentary constituency has 32,949 registered voters, comprising 22,496 Malays, followed by the Chinese (7,757), Indians (2,287), Sarawak Bumiputeras (16), Sabah Bumiputeras (13) and Orang Asli (330).

In his speech, Zahid told the BN machinery to intensify the deployment of manpower to help the party retain the Kuala Kangsar seat.

This is more so as Mastura cannot join the BN campaign for the by-election as she is observing the mourning period of four months and 10 days over her husband’s death.

“Let us not be a money-minded machinery which wants money at the beck and call.

“The spirit of BN machinery struggle is sincere voluntary work to ensure victory for our candidate,” Zahid said.

Speaking to the media after the event, Zahid said Mastura was not forced to be a candidate.

The Umno vice-president said the selection of Mastura, the widow of the incumbent, was based on her agreement.

“No one forced her to contest. I was involved in announcing her name and before that, I even met her children.

“This is a reverse psychology ploy by the Opposition.

“They only know how to talk but did not know that there was concurrence by the candidate herself.”

He said this when commenting on various allegations against Mastura in social media, apart from baseless claims by the Opposition in ceramah around Kuala Kangsar after the nomination day on June 5.

Mastura was accused of various allegations in the social media and that she was purportedly forced to contest even though she was mourning for her husband.