Nawawi refuses to apologise about salary remark


PETALING JAYA: Nawawi Ahmad has refused to apologise for a remark he made online about the salaries for MPs as he claims it was a private debate with a Facebook friend and not meant for public consumption.

In refusing to retract his remarks which irked netizens after it went viral, the Langkawi MP argued that it was netizens in general who should apologise to him for slamming his views.

“Why did they (netizens) behave in a mean manner by copy-pasting our argument for public view without my approval?

“They are the ones who should retract their statements from the media,” Nawawi said on his Facebook page today.

Nawawi yesterday incurred the wrath of netizens when he said his salary (as a Parliamentarian) was not paid by the people but by the government.

“The salaries of MPs are not paid by the people but the government, and the government’s money is not the people’s money.

“Once money has passed on to another quarter, it is no longer our money.

“If the government’s money is really the people’s money, let us attack all government departments to take back our money,” he had said in a Facebook comment.

Malaysiakini reported that Nawawi made the comment when arguing that Denmark was able to offer free education and healthcare as income tax there was 40% and sales tax, 25%.

When a reader criticised Nawawi and reminded him that his salary was paid for by the people, Nawawi replied, “This is the reality, not stupidity. How can the government’s money be our money? Nonsense. The government’s money is the government’s money and our money is our own money.”