‘Colek’ enlivens Ramadan night in Kelantan


TANAH MERAH: “Colek” is a favourite dish for supper, especially for the people in Kelantan during Ramadan, making the normally quiet nights merrier.

Families and friends often get together after the long tarawih prayer to quench their thirst and have some light food, like colek.

Colek, which literally means dip, is gravy served with fruit, chicken, keropok or seafood.

Trader Ahmad Faizul Muhammad Sakri, 35, said colek was a specialty among the Kelantan people, especially during Ramadan.

“Having spent a quiet day of fasting, people tend to go out to satisfy their craving for food.

“For something light, you can order colek with fish crackers or fruits,” he added.

He said it was also an excuse for children to go out at night.

“Normally they cannot do that, but during fasting month, they can get permission to go out to buy colek,” he said when met by Bernama at his shop in Padang Siam here.

Ahmad Faizul said colek was a dish that could bring people together as his customers would also bring along their family members or friends.

“You don’t eat colek alone,” he added.

Another trader, Siti Norma Mohd, 40, sells various types of colek at her stall at the Ramadan bazaar.

Colek could also be taken as appetiser for the breaking of fast, she said.