‘Why rent when you already have your own jets?’


KUALA KANGSAR: “Why did the government rent a jet for Rosmah Mansor to travel to Istanbul?”

This was the question posed by PKR Secretary-General Rafizi Ramli, who said the government already owned two jets and both were free on the day Rosmah travelled to Istanbul.

According to Rafizi, records showed that the two jets – ACJ319 (Registration No 9M-NAA) and BBJ737-700 (Registration No M53-01) – were not used on May 27, which is the very day Rosmah travelled in the rented Emirates A6-CJE jet.

He said that the ACJ319 jet was only used for domestic flights – to and fro around Subang, Alor Setar and Pekan – while the BBJ737-700 jet was only used on May 17 and May 30.

“This means that the ACJ319, which was actually meant for international flights, could’ve been used by Rosmah. This is all about common sense and good scheduling.

“It can save millions of the people’s money,” he said in a press conference today.

Prior to this, Rafizi claimed that the government had spent up to RM86 million for the rental of the jet.

Rosmah’s aide, Rizal Mansor, had earlier justified the use of the jet, saying the prime minister’s wife had a “tight schedule.”

Meanwhile, Rafizi also questioned why the BBJ737-700 was still in use as the government had previously said they wanted to sell it after purchasing the ACJ320 jet.

“When I brought up the purchase of the new jet in March 2015, the government’s excuse was that it was meant to replace the BBJ737-700,” Rafizi said.

He added that there was no confirmation as to whether or not the jet was sold until today and the jet was still being utilised.

“Hence, I want to ask PM Najib Razak – why is the jet still not sold when you said you were going to sell it before?”

Before the press conference started, tension grew outside the Amanah office when Rizal showed up “uninvited” and was stopped by the party’s officers from joining the press conference.

When contacted by FMT, Rizal said he was shocked that he was not welcome as he only wanted to be given a chance to explain the issue to Rafizi face to face.

“I came to Rafizi’s press conference to explain the truth to him, in front of him and the media. But he didn’t let me in. Is he afraid to face the truth?

“I have explained previously that the government’s jet was under maintenance.”

He added that Rafizi was using Rosmah for “popularity in the political arena.”

“He is using Rosmah’s name,” Rizal said.