JB cyclists give food to homeless


PETALING JAYA: A group of Johorean cyclists are distributing food, including rice, side dishes and mineral water, to the homeless during the holy month of Ramadan.

Echo Cycling Club (EchoCC) member Luqmanul Hakim Khudzri told FMT that the idea came about when a few members were cycling around town and saw a considerable number of homeless around Johor Bahru town.

“It occurred to us that maybe something could be done to help these homeless and coincidentally we had some members who were willing to contribute funds,” he said.

According to Luqmanul, the group consists of people from all walks of life, including secondary school students, businessmen, pharmacists, mechanics and chefs.

“Since they all have their respective occupations, it makes things easier for us in terms of fund collection as it can be done internally and is sufficient to support our cause.”

He added that EchoCC currently had more than 50 members, but that only around 30 were actually active.

“Because it’s a rather big club and the members are from all over, only the active members are involved. But the others still contribute their funds for the project.”

He explained that a support car that stored the food would move together with the cyclists to hot spots around the town to distribute the food.

He also pointed out that this was the second year they had been distributing food to the poor during Ramadan and that this year the group was hoping to improve on the amount of food given.

“We are hoping to have better distribution this year, maybe by adding one more support car and more members to participate in distributing the food.”

When asked whether the group would be able to get another car before they start distributing, Luqmanul said that he was positive they would.

“Yes, by God’s will. We are a week away from the distribution phase. Currently, we are still collecting funds from members and have to start liaising with the food caterer.”

On whether or not the Johor Bahru-based group hopes to collaborate with other cyclist groups around the country, he said they would rather work exclusively in JB.

“We have no plans to collaborate with clubs from other states as we want it to be ‘our thing’. However, we hope we can be a catalyst to others by showing how diversity can lend a helping hand.”

Luqmanul said struggling for a greater cause had given him a sense of joy and accomplishment.

“As cliche as it sounds, it gives me a sense of relief. We have so much, yet it would be a shame if we fail to give those who have less.”