Selangor MB hints at bigger Raya bonus for civil servants


SUNGAI BESAR: Menteri Besar Azmin Ali today hinted that civil servants in Selangor will receive “a bigger bonus” this year as they had shown greater unity under his administration.

Speaking at an event at Masjid Ma’muniah, Sungai Nipah, here today, Azmin said due to the Sungai Besar polls tomorrow, he was unable to announce the exact amount but stressed it would be more than the sum handed out last year as the state coffers had increased its collection this year.

The Gombak lawmaker revealed that Selangor’s reserves currently stood at RM4.1 billion. Last year, the state recorded reserves of RM3.3 billion.

“The last time, we gave a month’s (bonus). This time, it cannot be a month’s (bonus) again.

“But I do not want to announce anything as I do not want to influence what happens tomorrow,” he told more than 500 people at a break-fast event a day before Sungai Besar voters choose their new MP.

Present were PAS candidate Dr Abd Rani Osman and Parti Ikatan Malaysia’s President Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir.

Azmin’s announcement of a Raya bonus came a day after PAS-led Kelantan said its civil servants would get RM500 in special aid.

The PKR deputy president also hit out at his critics who questioned his absence during the by-election campaign and accused him of only appearing during the tail-end.

“My team and I work seven days a week, almost 16 hours a day to build a strong foundation in Selangor.

“Whether there is an election or not, I will continue to work as this is the responsibility tasked to me.”

Azhar Abdul Shukur of PKR will be involved in a three-cornered fight against Rani and Barisan Nasional’s Budiman Mohd Zohdi.