Backer back in the news – he wants to buy LGE’s bungalow


GEORGE TOWN: Former Bukit Gelugor parliamentary by-election candidate Abu Backer Sidek Mohammad Zan wants to purchase Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s bungalow in Pinhorn Rd for RM2.8 million.

Backer, who had a cheque for RM56,000 as downpayment, had wanted to personally hand over the letter and cheque to Lim at the Kampung Baru Mosque, but missed the latter by seconds.

Lim had earlier organised a buka puasa function for his Air Putih constituents there.

“I want to buy my beloved chief minister’s bungalow for RM2.8 million. I can buy property below market value because I am not a civil servant.

“Yes, I have heard about the bad feng shui part, but it does not matter, because I can resell the bungalow for a higher price.

“If he wants to sell it to me, I am happy, if he does not, it is okay,” said the lawyer and dates importer to reporters.

Backer handed over a letter from a legal firm stating his intention to buy over Lim’s bungalow, replete with a 2% downpayment cheque to “Lim Guan Eng”.

The document was received by Lim’s personal assistant Marziah Mohd Mukhtar.

Lim’s bungalow purchase price of RM2.8 million was brought up by Tasek Gelugor MP Shabudin Yahaya in Parliament, who said it was bought below market value.

Lim denied any wrongdoing and said the price was negotiated on a “willing buyer, willing seller” basis. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency is now probing reports on this matter.

Backer might not be familiar to many, but he is well known by the Penang press corps for falling before Lim’s Mercedes-Benz car outside the state assembly in 2014.

Backer had waited for Lim at that time to speak to him privately about a community issue. However, failing to get an appointment to meet him, Backer stopped Lim’s chauffeur-driven limousine.

Backer then flung himself in front of Lim’s car. Backer later claimed he had fainted.

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