AirAsia frustrated with MAHB’s mismanagement

aireen-air-asiaSEPANG: AirAsia is frustrated with the treatment it has been receiving from Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) over various issues at its current headquarters at the former Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).

At a press conference, AirAsia Bhd CEO Aireen Omar decried the condition of the LCCT, where construction and renovation works were taking place as part of MAHB’s plan to turn it into a global logistical and cargo hub.

She explained that AirAsia was supposed to have moved into its new headquarters, known officially as RedQuarters, near klia2, in June, but that the plan had been delayed.

Aireen said the delay was because expansion works at klia2 has turned out to be five times bigger than originally planned.

This, she said had resulted in a delay in constructing the RedQuarters as doing so would have blocked the line of vision of the Department of Civil Aviation’s tower.

She said AirAsia was now hoping to move into RedQuarters by October this year.

“We have requested MAHB to let us stay and it has allowed us, but unfortunately you can see the state of the building.

She also revealed that AirAsia had to engage its own cleaners to clear a pathway to the building.

Adding insult to injury, the airline’s staff were charged for parking their vehicles there and recently the car park was cordoned off for construction work without AirAsia being informed beforehand.

She added that the plan to move into RedQuarters by October was also uncertain as MAHB had just started constructing the access road to the building.

To top it off, Aireen said despite all these issues, AirAsia still had to pay RM260,000 in rent per month and MAHB had refused to offer them a discount.

“This is the condition of our headquarters every day. This is just one of the frustrations we face.”